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ur Center has been created in 1998 under the initiative of Legislative assembly of Saint Petersburg and Information and Cultural Department of St. Petersburg Academy of Culture and also under the personal initiative of writer Daniel Granin. The main goal of this Center is to create a database on Russian culture abroad. This data will combine the information about documents and their location. The information on this subject is spread all over the world: in private archives, libraries, museums. This normally makes access to the information difficult. The history of the Russian culture abroad is a basis for a lot of historic and cultural research. Also it will bring new documents to the attention of researches and make Russian information resources more available. Carrying out such a project is necessary for Russia's participation in Internet global networks.
  This project will provide a possibility to improve educational courses in History, Philosophy and Cultural Studies by creating an absolutely new standard of source study in the area of intercultural relations.
You can look the full list of our publications here(RUS).
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